PS of Sweden Patent GP Noseband - Black/Black

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PS of Sweden Patent GP Two in One Noseband - Black/Black

A traditional noseband in a new, anatomic shape that will give that extra edge in the dressage arena. Round sewn side pieces with incorporated nylon binding to prevent stretching.

The leather is drop shaped and there is soft padding, that is slightly wider over the top of the nose. A unique feature of this noseband is that it's equipped with our Magic Flash™, which means that you can easily detach the flash strap without seeing the keeper. This also makes it perfect for double bridles. You can simply choose what suits you and your horse. The curved design is to avoid pressure to the cheeks and the sensitive parts of the horses head. It gets attached with an extra padded pullback buckle. The sidepieces are also adjustable sideways, to make sure that you can completely adjust it to the shape of each individual horse. This is to avoid the sidepieces from sitting on top of, or too close, to the sensitive cheekbone.

Recommended for horses that:

- Are being worked in both simple and double bridles.

- Have sensitive jaws and cheekbones.

- Are used to the traditional English noseband which we have designed with extra padding.


Special Features:

- Avoids pressure

- Side pieces that can be adjusted sideways - Magic Flash™

- Round sewn side pieces with a unique nylon core to prevent stretching

- Avoids pressure on the sensitive nerves on the horses head

- Pullback buckle with nylon to avoid streching

- English & ECO friendly treated leather

- Approved by FEI in all disciplines for horse and pony 

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