How to Write a Good Topic Sentence for Your Essay

In any piece of writing, a topic sentence plays a significant role, as it tells the reader what the section or the paragraph is all about. Besides, topic sentences in essays always reflect or support the thesis statement. It is a simple statement, but the reader finds more details in the section. Writing a good topic sentence shows the reader that you understand what you are doing and brings out a well-organized work. Therefore, as a student, practice writing topic sentences early enough as part of sharpening your essay writing skills.

Topic sentence definition

Also called a focus sentence, this is the first sentence of a paragraph or a large context. It is simply a summary of the entire paragraph. Since the topic sentence gives the main idea at the paragraph level, it should include the following elements:

  • Introduce the context of the paragraph
  • Be the first r near the first sentence of the paragraph
  • Focus on the keywords of the paragraph

Thesis statement vs topic sentence

After the description above, you might have realized some similarities between a topic sentence and the thesis statement. However, the two plays different roles in any piece of writing. The thesis statement is a sum of what the entire essay paper is all about, as it guides the reader on what the essay paper is all about. On the other hand, the topic sentence summarizes the ideas in a paragraph and lets the reader understand the contents within a specific paragraph.

Can a topic sentence be a question? Maybe you are wondering. Well, one other element that distinguishes a thesis statement from a topic sentence is that it can be in the form of a question, then the reader gets the answers in the paragraph. On the other hand, posing a question when writing a thesis statement might sound awkward, especially to the reader; thus, it is not advisable to use questions when creating a thesis statement.

How to write a topic sentence for a body paragraph: steps to follow

Once you are ready to write an interesting topic sentence, what are the best topic sentence ideas you should consider to ensure you come up with a strong topic sentence that will interest the reader? Well, consider following the steps below.

  1. Create a thesis statement

When planning to write a good topic sentence, start by having a strong thesis statement that has all the ideas of the entire paper. Ensure you narrow your focus on the key elements of the whole paper when writing the thesis.

  1. Create an essay outline, then draft topic sentences

When you have a good thesis statement, you need to plan the structure of your paper, and this includes creating an outline of your paper. In the outline, you will include the ideas to put in each paragraph, hence the need to create topic sentences at this point. Although the topic sentence should have a clear emphasis on each paragraph, it should relate to the thesis statement. An example of topic sentence is: According to research, the meat industry impacts the environment significantly.

  1. Support with evidence

Once you have outlined your topic sentences, that isn’t all. Ensure you explain the remaining paragraphs with supporting evidence. Also, the ideas should flow in a clear manner as you relate to the topic sentence. You can give evidence, examples, or your arguments, as long as everything aligns with your topic sentence.

  1. Refine your topic sentences

Finally, when you have your topic sentences and supporting evidence, that isn’t all. You need an interesting topic sentence, and that is where you will have to refine all your topic sentences to be as interesting as possible. Try and go through each topic sentence and evaluate if it relates to the information in the paragraph. You can add or remove some statements or phrases to remain with a strong topic sentence.

Note: when the reader reads the topic sentence, they should already figure out what to expect in the paragraph. That is why any topic sentence you include in your paper should have a clear point of focus, but it shouldn’t give the answers yet since the reader needs to read through the paragraphs to get the answers.


A topic sentence is like a signpost that gives the reader the direction of what they are reading about. If you have always struggled to make good topic sentences, refer to this article as you try to understand the whole concept.

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