Why We Love WHIS Headsets

Why We Love WHIS Headsets

Published by Centerline on Jun 13th 2019

We are thrilled to introduce WHIS headsets to North America at Centerline! 

Communication is key between horse and rider... and rider and trainer! Training headset systems are the perfect addition to your training toolkit to enhance your rides with your coach. However as this rider (and overall fan of training headsets) can tell you, it can be a struggle to find one that doesn’t have issues. I’ve tried them all and the struggle is real folks. My quest for the perfect system brought me to the Netherlands where WHIS stole my heart. Gang, they are SO GOOD. I take my product testing very seriously and these little systems have blown me away.

Crystal clear audio. 

100-500 meter range. 

Private connection.

No echo.

10 hour battery life.

Say hello to your new training bffs!  We have stocked three versions from WHIS, each comes ready to go right out of the box. Let’s explore your options for the best training ride ever:


The Competition Set is the best choice if you want the ability to communicate both ways for up to three connections. The Competition Set is a sleek and small black unit with two way communication between rider and trainer. This set has the fastest connection speed with no echo or resonance. 100 meter range is guaranteed with 300 meters experienced in testing. Several different earpieces and microphones included in your cute travel case plus a charger with a multitude of international plugs. 

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If you want a James Bond level of wireless communication, we’ve got you. The Wireless Headset is seriously mini - and light! It’s just 20 grams and has proven to have no loss of clarity during testing. The private connection technology ensures that at a location where many instruction sets are used, the device fully automatically ensures that the instructor maintains his or her private connection with the rider for clear and private training. The wireless set works with the Competition Unit and is perfect for competing when you need a quick change from the warmup ring to the Centerline. Please note that the wireless unit is listen only for the rider with a range of 200 meters in regular use. We sell the complete wireless system as well as extra wireless headsets that you can add on.

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The Original comes with a guaranteed range of 300 meters and ability to connect to TWENTY receivers. Dang y’all. WHIS Original is a wireless instruction system using a transmitter and a receiver with an open connection between the instructor and the rider, so you can hear your instructor directly from up to 300 meters, with no noise, static or delay (there is no signal transduction involved).

The WHIS Original offers just a listening function to the rider. There’s a continuous open connection, which means that there’s no delay in speech or missed words. Moreover, the quality of the transmissions is of studio quality! So clear and bright you’ll think that your instructor is riding along with you on the back of your horse. Riding with this WHIS means more intensive instructions in your lessons and it offers discretion when you’re warming up for a Competition. We’ve stocked the Original in a pretty bright white and can also special order blue, pink and orange.

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