Fit Guide | Romfh Breeches

Fit Guide | Romfh Breeches

Oct 29th 2018

Romfh breeches have quickly become an obsession with our riders. We like to say they’re like potato chips; once you start, you just can’t stop. Our clients often try them on for the first time and are instantly over the moon for the superior fit. A week later, they’re back for more! The fabric, fit and washability are just that good. Romfh is expanding their collection even more this season, adding a grip sets to our ever popular Sarafina Breech. We’re giddy! Read on to find your perfect fit and don’t hesitate to call, email or live chat any questions!

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General fit: Romfh breeches run true to size. If you are a 28 Pikeur, you’ll be a 28 Romfh. 

Sizes: 22-36, regular and long. 

Length: Generally we find Romfh to be a more generous length (tall girls rejoice!) but they all have sock bottoms so most riders will be comfortable. 

The Sarafina Breech 

Our most popular tried-and-true breech, the Romfh Sarafina is that perfect combination of figure flatting fabric and a modern cut. We.are.obsessed. 

The Romfh Sarafina Full Seat Breech is a breech fit for a (dressage) queen. The fit of this comfy mid-rise breech is outstanding. Flattering contoured waistband, strategically placed back yoke, and wide non-binding fit allows your waist, hip, and other assets to look their best! Features Softtouch™ micro-PU fabric for the softest, most comfortable technical breech in the marketplace and our first breech with vertical stretch suede- Just like the European brands. Machine wash. We find that they 

The Sarafina comes in four options, each in classic colors that are here to stay and 2-3 new limited edition colors each season:

  • Romfh Sarafina Breech - Suede Knee Patch
  • Romfh Sarafina Breech - Grip Knee 
  • Romfh Sarafina Breech - Suede Full Seat 
  • Romfh Sarafina Beeech - Grip Full Seat 

The Champion Breech

A classic silhouette with a higher waist punctuates this timeless riding pant's design. These long lasting breeches are a perfect option for riders that want to get a lot of use out of their wardrobe. Made from a strong combo of cotton and stretch micro-nylon that will keep you dry and comfortable all day. The Romfh Champion features a special Mid-Rise cut with a three button waistband to reduce any gapping at the back with a contoured waist fit and cut fuller through the seat and thighs. You'll find this style in classic colors and seasonal hues. 

The Champion Breech comes in two styles:

  • Romfh Champion Breech - Knee Patch 
  • Romfh Champion Breech - Full Seat 

The Gabriella Breech

Romfh's Gabriella Breeches are a new departure for them, and a welcome addition to the lineup! They've mastered this new lower rise option and we're glad it's here to stay! Designed with the modern rider in mind, the Romfh Gabriella offers a flattering and quietly sexy low rise 2 button fit, with classic slash pockets and clear subtle silicone grip at the knees. Made of our popular Soft-Touch™ fabric -the same as the Sarafina- which offers maximum quality and comfort. Fun fashion colors to be offered every season.

The Isabella Breech 

The Romfh Isabella Full Grip Breech is truly the best of all worlds! Made of their own cooling “Soft-Touch” fabric –the same as our bestselling Sarafina Breech– and with the same flattering cut as our super popular Champion Full Seat Breech. The Isabella provides the high-waist fit desired by top-level riders. Silicone print on the seat provides a secure grip in the saddle without the added bulk of a full-seat layer. We've personally found this grip to be one of the best in the business. It adds that extra stick you need (helloooo jumpy five year old gelding, we're looking at you!) without cementing you to your seat. Further, they are a dream for comfort in the saddle and around the barn. It's one of the breeches that you don't need to peel off the instant you get home from the stable, you'll be that comfortable! 

By far our best selling pant at the horse shows, everyone falls in love with the Isabella! They keep you feeling cozy and secure but still with a great freedom of movement. Available in classic shades and seasonal colors at all times, you'll always find us well stocked in these lovelies!

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