Design Guide | Celeris Boots

Design Guide | Celeris Boots

Apr 25th 2019

We are beyond thrilled to welcome Celeris Boots to Centerline! 

They are renowned for their supreme fit, quality and style and we are tickled to be the first in the US to offer these beauties! Created in a small workshop in Northern Portugal – every single boot is handmade using traditional skills and craftsmanship and only the finest leathers and premium accessories. 

At Centerline, you can completely customize your new Celeris Boots by choosing your boot style, colors, design details and whether you want fully made to measure or semi custom. Browse below to start designing your dream boots now! Call us at 800-409-1772 to speak to a design specialist. 

1. Choose Your Model

2. Measure

We make it easy to find the perfect fit by offering Celeris Boots in stock models and as semi-custom (shoe size, calf & height).

If you are used to wearing 'stock' size boots, semi-custom is for you! Rather than selecting a preset stock size for height and calf, we'll ask for both of those measurements in cm. So they'll be more custom to you than standard stock sizes (yay!) but we won't worry about all the pesky other measurements. You just need two measurements, the widest part of your calf and your height. 


3. Choose Your Colors 

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