GED Essay Tips & Successful Writing Strategies

Every student looks forward to writing an essay and passing exclusively so that they can move to the next education level or graduate. This article will feature a GED writing essay and ged essay tips that will help you craft the best essay and succeed without struggling much.

Writing for GED: what does it entail?

Before we explore successful tips and the procedure for a GED writing essay, what is the concept all about?

Well, the GED essay is a 45-minute exam consisting of four sections, namely language art reasoning (RLA), science, social studies, and mathematical reasoning. As much as the time is limited, the advantage is that you will require only 20% of the total score to pass the essay.

The GED essay topics can vary, but the format is always the same. Simply put, a student gets two argumentative essays on the same topic where a student needs to create their argument based on the essay that will give the most compelling argument. You will need to include between three and five paragraphs, with each paragraph having between three and seven sentences.

How to write an essay for GED: what is the GED essay format?

Like all other essays, it consists of an introduction, the main body, and a well-written conclusion explaining your argument. Here, you don’t include your opinion on the subject as the writer but evaluate two of the author’s opinions and settle with the compelling one.

While writing a GED essay, don’t focus on creativity, but instead, focus on the accuracy of the information. This is because this essay type is graded by machine intelligence designed to detect only accurate responses.

Note: use accurate grammar with proper sentence structure.

  • The introduction

While crafting the introduction of a GED essay, ensure you outline the thesis statement by explaining your topic in summary. Ensure to stick to the side you want to write about.

  • The main body

This is the focal point of your GED essay. Since the grading is determined by machine intelligence, ensure everything you state is accurate facts, and they should relate to the claim you have chosen.

Ensure you include at least two paragraphs with factual claims.

  • The conclusion

This includes a summary of what you have described in your essay. While concluding, highlight your claim again and give important points in a summary form.

Ged essay tips with GED essay prompts

Reading through different GED essay examples is a perfect way to master writing such an essay. However, the following tips will simplify everything and enhance your overall understanding and the measures to put in place when writing a GED essay. Checking GED writing prompts is also a perfect way to enhance the overall understanding.

  1. Read the requirements well

Once you fail to understand the essay prompt, you will definitely score low on your essay. Be sure to read all the details well to evaluate all the requirements.

  1. Create an outline

Once you have read and understood the passage well, put down your ideas as you organize them accordingly while pre-writing.  

  1. Have a list of evidence

Of course, you should include important details in your final writing. So, when creating an outline, be sure to add the list of evidence you will be used as a point of reference. This simplifies everything since you will focus on writing other than researching.

  1. Write the introduction last

It can be had to start an essay. However, you can skip the introduction part and focus on the other section as you save time, then review and write the introduction last since you will have a whole concept of what the whole paper entails.

  1. Write, then edit later

Since this essay requires only 45 minutes of your time, you have to ensure you use the time well. Instead of focusing on mistakes, write then you can edit later.


Different essay types have some similarities. However, you should take note of the slight changes in different essays to ensure you stay on track.

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