Your Guide to Writing an Excellent Evaluation Essay

Essay writing can come in any form. As a student, you must have adequate knowledge of different essays by understanding the rules and guidelines. Although essays can have a pre-defined structure, some elements distinguish different essays and how students should present their ideas. This writing narrows the focus on writing an evaluation essay. Keep reading as we will discuss several concepts regarding evaluation essay writing and different evaluation essay topics you can consider.

What is an evaluation essay?

In evaluation essay writing, the writer gives value judgment on a given subject according to the set guidelines. Sometimes, it is also known as a critical evaluation essay or evaluative essay/report. The evidence provided in the evaluation essay is meant to justify the writer’s point of view on a given topic.

Evaluation essay format: how to start an evaluation essay

When you get a question asking you to handle an evaluation essay, consider the following evaluation essay ideas for productive results.

1. Topic selection

Every essay should have a topic, and so is an evaluation essay. At times, you can get an already pre-defined topic from your professor or be given a chance to choose a topic. Should you have a chance to select a topic, ensure, it is an interesting topic you love and a topic you can get great content while doing the research. It could be ideal if you choose a topic you already have some knowledge about.

2. Writing a thesis statement

A thesis statement is the key element of every essay paper. The thesis you choose will determine the purpose of your evaluation essay. Besides, it will guide your reader in the direction your essay is taking. Also, while writing the thesis of an evaluation essay, remember to highlight the criteria for evaluation essay. However, be sure to keep revising your thesis statement as you keep writing because more ideas will develop along the way.

3. Determine the criteria for evaluation essay

Since an evaluation essay involves assessing a product, ensure you determine the criteria used for clarity on the reader’s side. The criteria for such an essay will always vary depending on what you are evaluating. For instance, a topic to do with IT will be different from that of self-help.

4. Get supporting evidence

In any given essay, you simply don’t include your opinions. Every point you explain must have concrete supporting evidence to back up your views on a certain element. Be sure to get all the supporting evidence from relevant and credible sources.

5. Write an evaluation essay outline

Now that you have almost everything ready, you will need to create a draft of your essay. Here, you simply write everything you have gathered. Don’t focus on the grammar errors and typos since this isn’t the work you will submit. The outline will simply give you a guideline of what you need to put in your final paper.

6. Review and rewrite

Now, you already have the first draft. Start reviewing the content as you rewrite a meaningful essay you will submit. Be sure to revise as you polish up your paper several times before submitting to ensure you stay submit a well-written paper.

Interesting evaluation essay topics

Choosing essay topics is a crucial step. Below are some of the best evaluation essay topics you can consider.

Evaluation argument essay topics

  1. Analyze how music production has changed due to digital technology development
  2. What is the measure of using technology while teaching?
  3. Do an analysis of two different photo editing apps. Which one is the best?
  4. Android Vs. iOS: Which one is better?

Fresh evaluation essay topic ideas

  1. Perform an analysis of your best online gaming system. What is special about the system?
  2. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of online radio and music
  3. Analyze the feeling of watching sports from home alone and watching from a different place with friends
  4. Evaluate home-cooked dinner meals vs. Fast-food dinner options

Good evaluation essay topics

  1. How effective are train services between two cities?
  2. Analyze the seasonal changes in relation to people’s moods.
  3. Have smartphones made life better?
  4. How phone games impact children’s addiction.
  5. Describe nightlife in the city


When asked to compose an incredible evaluation essay, be sure to plan the structure first, put all the ideas together, and visualize how your final paper will be. In any case, the above tips will simplify your research process and enable you to bring out an incredible paper.

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