DeNiro Bellini Dressage Boots - Brushed Black

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Love the stiffness of your classic dressage boots but what a slimmer ankle profile and softer feel? The Bellini is for you! With boning on the outside and spine and an inside front placement for the zipper, you get the benefits of a quality dressage boot. Cut similarly to the Ottaviano in the ankle, this is a perfect boot for clients that don't love the traditional stovepipe dressage boot. As always, customization and quality abound with DeNiro boots. 

This elegant model is the DeNiro Bellini riding boot. The Bellini riding boot is narrower around the ankle. This model offers an even better wearing comfort and ensures more contact between rider and horse. Elegance, style and femininity characterize this model. This De Niro riding boot is also nominated as Horses product of the year in 2017. The Bellini is the newest dressage model from DeNiro. It is the same design as the best-selling Raffaello model, but with a narrow fitting at the ankle, and features innovative reinforced outer leg materials. This makes the boots more lightweight, and gives a closer contact feel, so it is suggested to those who do not want very hard dressage boots.


The Bellini undergoes DeNiro's unique Water Resistant Advanced Treatment (WRAT). The treated leather still retains it's breathability, allowing sweat to escape, while preventing outside water from seeping in. Vibram anti-slip outer soles keep your feet secure in the stirrups, even in the worst weather.




DeNiroBootCo boots are designed for durability and are made with the finest quality leathers to ensure performance and protectionJust a few tricks to care for it.Remove anything that might damage the skin of the boot after useKeep the boot away from heat sourcesStore in a dry placeApply a cream cleaner of the same colorof the bootFor models with a zipperto preserve the functionality and durability of the bootrecommend after each useto remove dirt from the hingeusing a brush;make sure the zipper is completely open while wearing or removing the boot.

Equestrians around the wolrld treasure the fine Italian craft-smanship, impeccable quality, and personalized styling that DeNiroBootCo incorporates into its extensive line of luxurious equestrian boots. DeNiro boots are expertly handcrafted in Casarano, Italy, by experienced artisans steeped in the proud tradition of boot - making. Attention to detail, use of the finest leathers, and a flair for innovation have been hallmarks of the deNiro brand for over thirty years. An extensive line of popular designs and customization options allows equestrians to satisfy their unique tastes, make a statement, or simply show off their personality.

The DeNiroBootCouses only natural materials of the highest qualitysuch as calfskinensuring consistency and strengthalong with a total comfort.

WRAT (Water Resistant Advanced Treatment)

WRAT uses hydrophobic materials that are bonded to the leather structure during tennage to form a protective barrier. The leather used in this treatment allows sweat in the form of water on the outside coming in. The result being your feet stay hygienically dry.

This is what made every product unique and original and any imperfection it presentsis not considered a defectbut a confirmation that it was made with natural processes.

DeNiroBootCo will take care of your boots for life.

All our products are guaranteed for three months from the date of purchase. All customers must provide proof of purchase, either by invoice or receipt, to apply for assistance during the warranty period. 

At the end of the warranty period, DeNiroBootCo will continue to provide assistance for repairs.  The cost of repairs outside the warranty period will be calculated at the time we receive the boots back to our factory in Italy.


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