Lemieux Cold One Cooling Tendon Wraps

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These ColdOne Leg Wraps from America are the best boots of their type we have ever found - not the cheapest but the best. Definitely a case of you pay for what you get. 

They very successfully combine cold therapy and compression therapy in a single product to drive cold deep reducing swelling and pain in the fetlock and hoof areas.

* The outer layer of heavy neoprene provides stretch and compression.
* The center layer is 100% non-toxic freezable gel with amazing cold retention properties
* The inner layer is of fine linen to prevent cold shock & burning to the skin.
* There is no messy ice, no inserts, and the wrap can be pre-frozen to take to shows.

"We took our ColdOnes abroad with us and ended up lending them to everybody in the team....they're just brilliant!"

Emily Llewellyn, European Young Rider Champion

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