Why we love Equestrian Stockholm

Why we love Equestrian Stockholm

Published by Centerline on Oct 29th 2018

It’s no secret, we LOVE Equestrian Stockholm. From the fit of their breeches, to the innovative materials in their coats and of course the gorgeous seasonal saddle pad colors, there is no shortage of things to adore. We seek high quality, well made products for our discerning clients and can certainly stand behind the craftsmanship of this collection. We are proud to have been the first importer to the US of this exceptional brand and look forward to being delighted by their new collections for many seasons to come. 

With Equestrian Stockholm, you will find saddle pads with extreme mesh breathability, sustainable fabrics, high quality fleece polo wraps and well tailored coordinating apparel. 

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We always strive to find processes for producing our products that has as little impact on the environment as possible all the way from the factory to our customer. We are always looking for new techniques and processes with the least negative impact on the environment.

One of the biggest issues we see today is that the western countries uses a lot more water than necessary. That’s why Equestrian Stockholm uses a technique that takes advantage of the unique qualities of the coffee beans to transport and remove dampness and odor. This technique helps our products to stay fresh longer to prolong the time between washes.

Equestrian Stockholm is actively working for animal rights, we will never use down or fur in any of our products. You will never have to worry about animals being mistreated during the production phase when you buy an Equestrian Stockholm product. Customers are often uncertain about other kinds of other lining fabrics having the same effect as down. A matter of fact is that they are at least as effective. Besides that no animals are hurt during the production, they are equally warm, incredibly lightweight and easy to wash. Equestrian Stockholm does not believe in old traditions that hurt another living being.

All brands have a responsibility

I think that it's important that brands and companies say something, that they have their own voice. I am a vegetarian and cares a lot about the environment, something I wanted Equestrian Stockholm to reflect. It's incredibly important that we create products that I can stand up for and be proud to wear. We use recycled materials in our products and refuse to use fur and down in any of our products.
We see it as a given to work for raising the awareness regarding ecological materials and I hope that more brands will do the same.

What inspired you to create Equestrian Stockholm?

I have always been inspired by strong women that want to make a difference, women that have the courage to follow their dreams. The entire idea with the brand was inspired by strong equestrians. I meet strong women that works hard in the stable everyday. The sport is tough and teaches boys and girls to work hard and take responsibility in the stable. Sometimes one might ask why do we do it? Why do we work as hard as we do, every day, in bad times and good? The answer is simple; the passion for horses. To us it's more than a sport; it's our way of life.

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