New Obsession: BeneFab

New Obsession: BeneFab

Apr 26th 2017

Benefab® by Sore No-More® Equine Products
So we just got in a total game changed, BeneFab has quickly become our new obsession. Shop the
entire collection here and stay tuned for a product video!


Get your horse back in the game with Benefab® by Sore No-More® therapeutic products.

Our line of therapeutic products for your favorite equine are sure to keep him supple, pain free and performing his best for you. Both magnetic and ceramic therapies will improve circulation, relieve pain & inflammation and promote healing. Keep your horse comfy and on the right track with our full line of equine therapeutic products!

A saddle pad can mean the difference between comfort and pain for your horse.

The technology used in our Therapeutic Anti-Slip All-Purpose Saddle Pads help relieve pain symptoms in your horse and improve circulation.

The fabric we use emits far-infrared rays, which keep your horse’s back muscles relaxed. Bodily functions operate more smoothly, allowing for a safe and natural recovery time. Better blood circulation and oxygen flow reduce pain, and your horse can enjoy better health and quality of life.

More oxygen and a decrease in inflammation make for a more comfortable day out. The saddle pads employ amazing technology to alleviate pain while absorbing sweat and providing fantastic comfort and support.

This amazing saddle pad is made up of ceramic nanoparticles and uses far-infrared rays to keep the muscles supple. The saddle pad boasts an all-purpose shape and dries quickly. Anti-wrinkle technology and machine washability makes this saddle pad easy to care for and it looks great too!

See the difference a quality saddle pad can have on your horse!

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