Style Riders

Centerline Rider Ambassadors

We are committed to having a positive impact on the communities we work with and to contributing to the sport that gives us and our customers so much joy. We place particular emphasis on supporting the future of our sport. Our objective is to bring excellence to the forefront; excellence in sport, in equipment and craftsmanship, and excellence of character. Centerline Style aims to support people, organizations and events that are pursuing a vision in areas embody sportsmanship while working with the horses we all love so dearly.

We are proud to partner with these excellent riders and all around lovely human beings. Each equestrian brings passion, enthusiasm and kindness to the sport daily. 

Megan Compton 
Megan is the perpetual student, in the best way. Through engaging cross training, her program is dedicated to producing quality athletes that are physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy so they are prepared to excel in a competitive career.  Her team is made up of people who first, love the horse, and second, have a determination to help our horses reach their highest potential. Megan has a special interest in starting young horses in their careers; from handling them as weanlings, to the first ride, and all the way through their careers as competitive dressage horses. Her thoughtful, patient approach to training and horse care produces well rounded horses who love their job (almost as much as she does!)





Kait Cruz
Based in Southern California, Kait has an easy way of being and an eye for quality products. She's recently founded the HNH Sanctuary to help rehabilitate horses and dogs and educate. Through developing her methods of natural horsemanship, Kait has learned how to rehabilitate the mind, body, and soul of high risk abuse and neglect cases.  Her experience as a Hunter/Jumper, and now taking on formal German Dressage, has opened the possibilities of showing the world that "rescued" doesn't mean "worthless".





Alex Dominguez
Always bubbly, Alex is a breath of fresh air at every horse show. Alexandra Dominguez is a Pan American, USDF Silver medalist rising young dressage rider located in Ocala, FL. Alex trains full time with Olympian Belinda Nairn-Wertman and has been on the Guatemalan Dressage team since 2013.

Alex has proven to be a hard working, passionate, dedicated rider.  She has been riding since the age of 2 and continued riding in Guatemala with national coaches and international clinicians. She made the decision to move from her native Guatemala to Florida at the young age of 18 to commit full time to her passion and also study at University of Florida pursuing her BS degree in Business Administration.





Kacie Doyle
Kacie represents a new generation of tenacious, hard working riders pursuing their passion. Like most equestrians, she juggles the impossible on a daily basis. What we love most is that she does it with flair and enthusiasm for the sport she's dedicating her life to. She is training and competing for Woodgrove Farm while also maintaining her personal horses and simultaneously earning her college degree from Texas A&M. If ever there was a girl with grit, this is her. We love her sense of loyalty to her horses and relentless spirit. 




Irina Hulse

Irina brings an artist's passion to her riding as in all her pursuits. A global resident, her experiences across the world have enhanced her ability to find beauty wherever she may be. Her time at SCAD further developed sense of community as she collaborated with fellow artists to create works in a variety of mediums. Always the style maven, we love that she dives into the details with new brands and concepts.



Kristin Posner

Kristin absolutely defines being multi-talented. In addition to being a phenomenal dressage talent, she can capture emotions through the lens. You've probably seen some of her photographs featured in our media. Kristin has a Bachelors Degree in Athletic Training with a minor in Psychology from Georgetown College and M.A. in Sports Psychology from Argosy University. She has several avid hobbies in addition to Dressage including photography and ballroom dancing. Meanwhile, she is the Vice President of Dressage for MidSouth Eventing And Dressage Association.  She is currently riding, showing and training in Lexington, Kentucky. We're looking forward to her lovely new mount, MW Bella Rossa, making her debut on the Centerline for the five year old classes.




Ellesse Jordan Tzingberg
Ellesse is a ray of light to the equestrian community. Currently based in Denmark and Wellington and riding and teaching at Kent Farrington's, she shares her enthusiasm for the sport and horses with everyone she meets. Always a friendly face on the Wellington circuit, she and her handsome gelding Triviant had a wonderful 2018 winter show season. She began her FEI dressage career at 23 and continues to represent the Phillipines with style at international events, recently at the World Cup in Paris.

Ahead of the Parisian final she said, 
“My target for the World Cup Final is just to enjoy every minute, smile in the majority of my test, show how wonderful my horse is, and represent my country as well as all the people who support me and make them proud!"

She continues to make her family and supporters proud by putting her horses' interests first. She is an advocate for thoughtful care of our equine athletes, showcasing how proper nutrition and conditioning can enhance every horse's life. 

Ellesse is working towards improving her scores in Grand Prix international CDIs and national shows in the near future as she heads to Europe for the summer with long term goals like future World Cup finals and the Tokyo 2020 games.






Sponsored rider positions are filled for the season. We will announce via social media if a position becomes available.