18" Schleese Obrigado Monoflap Dressage Saddle with Relief Wedge

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Hey guys! Lindsey from Centerline here. This is my personal saddle that I absolutely adore. Unfortunately my Fritzy monster is retired so we're not putting this gorgeous piece of tack to use. We started off with a custom JRD which he grew out of quickly and we switched to this amazeeee-ing Schleese April 25, 2016. He was very sadly retired four short months later so this Schleese Obrigado is quite literally like new. As you can see from the photos, the billets are barely worn.
I ADORE the ride in this saddle and the way it fits the horse. It was designed for short backed Spanish breeds, which my 17.2hh Hanoverian is not. However because he has such a well sprung rib cage (insert cookie monster joke here) and such large shoulders and high withers, the footprint in which his saddle needs to comfortably rest is small. The Obrigado was an absolute answer to our fitting prayers. 
Call us at 800-409-1772 and I can happily tell you all about it ;) 
Tree size : Set to MW, adjustable
Tree type: Completely Adjustable adapteee. Schleese Size 3
Seat depth: Deep
Official / Stamped Seat Size: 18"
Seat Size Feels Like: 17.5"
Flap length: 18", long
Flap position: Straighter
Panel type : Wool flocked
Condition  : Exceptional, like new
Serial No: 72364S0116
Stamped: 2-RW-SR.
Tree: Fully adjustable modified Schleese AdapTree is currently set at a medium-wide. Of course the tree opening can be changed in width and shape as well by a Schleese certified fitter. The tree points are angled back and the front panel is angled back to allow extreme shoulder freedom and scapular rotation for those Equine individuals who need it.

Seat: The 18” seat is deep and very soft. For me it sits more like a 17.5 to size in feel. It is incredibly comfortable to ride in with a good sweet spot that allows you to maneuver without feeling confined yet still secure, make sense? I also noticed just sitting in it on our plastic horse with legs relaxed a big improvement in my tendency to turn my toes out and heels in. 

FlapsFlaps are pretty straight in position and average in length for this model, measuring about 18" from the stirrup bar down. The standard length is 17" so they are slightly longer to accommodate my spider legs. The existing exposed blocks are adjustable. As shown in the photos they are in straighter of their two positions. The top of the block could come back about 1/2"-1" to position them at slightly more of an angle. These soft, medium-sized, 3/4 length blocks are also interchangeable with a couple of different shapes and sizes you can get from Schleese. That is just one of the things I love about these saddles. I demo'ed it with the large blocks which were OMG so much fun but I'm not that fancy so I went with regular. You can switch those out yourself if you want any others.


Leather: German leather on flaps and seat with soft and grippy leather on the knee roll. 

Year of Manufacture: 2016. Used minimally from April 2016 - September 2016.

Panels:  Soft wool flocked panels that have a very open full palm's width gullet channel throughout, for excellent clearance and freedom on a horse with a thick spine. As mentioned previously, the panels are extremely cut away in front to allow awesome freedom and comfort to a large and / or back set scapula. This saddle was built on a small panel footprint of only a hair over 18" front to back it can be of especial benefit to a short coupled horse (one with a limited area to support the saddle ahead of the last rib). It also has the special "relief wedge" in back, simulating a non-gusseted panel and providing additional relief to the loins of a short-backed, big mover. Due to the shape of the tree points and panels, this saddle may 'want' to sit more forward on the horse than others. This relieves the loins even further and helps the rider not to get behind the movement. Did we mention this saddle was built for a horse with a short back, big movement and large, active shoulders? Well, it certainly is. Read below what Schleese has to say on the unique features of this saddle, with the design inspired by the challenges of fitting Lusitano and other similar types of backs. 

ConditionExceptional, like new. In the video you can see me point out a surface scratch on the left flap that will be buffed out when conditioned. I also haven't cleaned it prior to photographing (sorry!) and there is some dirt around the hardware. The billets show only extremely superficial wear. Sumptuous! This is a supportive, gorgeous and saddle with barely any use. One of the most comfortable seats I've had the privilege to ride in.

Cost New$7,145. With a wait. 
From Schleese:
Schleese is pleased to announce the latest addition to our stable of dressage saddles – The “Obrigado”. Schleese’s newest best-seller allows every rider to feel the breathing of the horse, with the horse moving as freely as if he were not under saddle. The Obrigado provides several unique features benefiting horse and rider – several current and former Olympians who are now using the Obrigado on their horses have said that the saddle is so soft and the seat so deep that it makes them feel like they are one with their horses. Built on a modified AdapTree®, the Obrigado offers the most extreme shoulder freedom for the horse, with the softest seat in the dressage industry. Available in a standard monoflap, many innovative options truly personalize this saddle for both horse and rider.  Obrigado means ‘thank you’ in Portuguese. It was developed together with the head trainer of the Lusitano Association in Sao Paulo Brazil. He came up with the name because he actually felt his horses were saying ‘thank you’ for being afforded such freedom of movement. This saddle will allow you to get so close to your horse that you can actually feel him breathe. It has become the saddle of choice for riders of  all levels, and has been proven especially effective for the ‘baroque-style’ horses.
SEAT - Deep, 11 cm, with flex cap option (cantle shock absorption for the rider's back. *By feel I am guessing this saddle has it but that has not been confirmed with Schleese*), square or round cantle, sloped pommel with recessed tree points (allows the rider to sit close to the base of the withers while allowing maximum freedom of the horse's shoulder rotation), forward balance or cup seat option. *This one looks like the cup seat - with a little more of a flat spot in the center of the seat and center balance.* 

TWIST - Adaptable (flexing) extra narrow twist, allows the rider to give quicker and sharper aids to the horse. 

BILLET SYSTEM - The adjustable V-Webbing billet system allows for correct billet alignment and equal pull throughout the length of the tree. 

THIGH BLOCKS - The adjustable thigh blocks give the rider the flexibility to adjust leg support. A variety of sizes are available. Thigh Blocks Chart 

MALE and FEMALE DESIGN AVAILABLE - Seat designed for the Male or Female Pelvic Axis. *This one's for the ladies!* 

PANEL - The unique style of the Obrigado panel with extreme shoulder cut back places 70% of the saddle and the rider in front of the 14th rib to limit the pressure on the tendon plate. DELIVERY TIME - 12 weeks. 

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All Pre-Owned Saddles & Accessories come with a 5-day trial period by default. Make sure you read and understand our trial policy. To read these terms and conditions please click here.

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