How to Write a Title for an Essay: Tips and Examples

In essay writing, the title plays a crucial role in the whole paper. That is why a student must think well before settling for any title for their essay. Depending on the title, you can experience a smooth run during the research or have a tough time doing the research to gather the content. In this piece, we will explore how to come up with a perfect title of an essay to simplify the whole research and writing process.

Essay header: characteristics of a good essay heading

Before we explore the ideas on how to title essay, below are the top features that make a good title for essay.

  • Easy to read

Someone else will read through your essay, and nobody loves reading complicated titles which will force them to figure out the meanings. Be sure to keep your title simple with phrases a person can understand easily.

  • Attractive

Of course, a boring essay header is a completer turn-off to anyone reading through the paper. Having an attractive College Essay Papers title will make the reader eager to unleash and discover what you have done and researched about the attractive title.

  • Active voice

Academic writing approaches require an active voice and not passive. Even when crafting the title, ensure it is in active voice.

  • Accurate

Although essay titles are based on the subject or the course a student is undertaking, the title should be all about accurate facts, and you will have to prove the accuracy in the main body.

  • Believable

Although students are advised to make the essay titles as catchy as possible, don’t focus too much on spicing up the title to an extent the reader can question whether it is the reality or not.

  • Short

Finally, always keep the essay titles short. Even if you feel the need to include more phrases, try and focus on the main point. With a long essay title, you can comprehend the meaning, but the reader might struggle to figure out what your point is.

How to come up with a good essay title: Pro tips

Have you always struggled with how to make a good essay title? With this article, you will get approved tips that will help craft the best title of an essay that will interest the reader while going through your paper. The tips include:

  1. Determine the essay tone

The different essay types vary in how to choose the words to use and the appropriate tone. For instance, the argumentative essay’s tone is different from the descriptive essay’s tone. When writing the title, you must understand the appropriate tone to use since the wrong tone can turn off the reader’s morale in your paper.

  1. Modify the title last

One of the best approaches to writing a good title for essay is writing the whole essay first, then finalizing with the title. However, you will have a working title that will help you generate meaningful content from it. Once done, re-modify the title since you have all the ideas and concepts you have written in the paper. This way, you will focus on the keywords well while titling the essay.

  1. Use a quote

Using quotes helps bring out an incredible essay title, and you can never go wrong. You can opt to use part of the quotes, rephrase the quote, or use the whole quote. This is one of the incredible ways to capture the attention of the reader. 

  1. Use the appropriate vocabulary

The wordings you use in your essay title play a significant role in the whole paper. For instance, when your essay is a technical one, ensure you include technical words and phrases related to a particular subject matter.

  1. Avoid abbreviations or shortening words

How you present your essay title speaks volumes to the reader. Be as professional as possible since it is an academic document. For instance, don’t say a bike in your title. Instead, say a bicycle.

How to write an essay title: examples of essay topics

  • Self-isolation and the mental status during a pandemic
  • The role of media in controlling panic during a pandemic
  • Communication and a healthy marriage
  • Long-term effects of Cheating in school
  • An individual that inspires you


Whenever writing any form of essay, be sure to craft a title that will interest the reader in going through your paper.