Centerline Style Sponsorship Information

We are committed to having a positive impact on the communities we work with and to contributing to the sport that gives us and our customers so much joy. We place particular emphasis on supporting the future of our sport. Our objective is to bring excellence to the forefront; excellence in sport, in equipment and craftsmanship, and excellence of character. Centerline Style aims to support people, organizations and events that are pursuing a vision in areas embody sportsmanship while working with the horses we all love so dearly.

Sponsored rider positions are filled for the season. We will announce via social media if a position becomes available. 


Who will Centerline Style sponsor?

It’s simple. We like people who like people (and ponies). In such a highly competitive, exhausting and all-consuming sport, there is no room to be unkind. We must lift each other higher. Are you the type of rider who’s happy to help another rider tack up when she’s late for her class? Are you eager to learn from trainers and clinicians? Do you enjoy reading up on equine health and taking the best care of your buddies?  Do you give fellow instagrammers support when they need it? You just might be a Centerline Style candidate!

You do not have to be a dressage enthusiast, we welcome riders from all disciplines. You don’t have to have a million followers or even own your own horse. But you must love and be active in the equestrian community, have an open mind toward others, treat your animals with kindness and be a nice human.


Who does Centerline Style not sponsor?

In order to maintain focus and achieve a greater impact of corporate giving, Centerline Style will not provide charitable support for: organizations that discriminate against a person or a group on the basis of age, political affiliation, race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation or religious belief, capital campaigns, endowment funds or memorials, lobbying, political or fraternal activities, individual study, research or travel grants; or awards that require Centerline Style and/or its employees to raise funds on behalf of an organization bestowing the award. Should your request align to one of the categories listed above, you will not be eligible for a Centerline Style Donation or Sponsorship and your request will be denied. Centerline Style cares for the welfare of animals and supports the proper treatment of animals. We expect that all of our sponsors have the policies and procedures in place to support the humane treatment of animals and provide ready access to quality veterinary care to protect animal health and safety. The Centerline Style logo must not be used to promote an event or an attraction that violates local, state or national laws or is contrary to the Centerline Style policy and guidelines.


Team Centerline Style

Team Centerline Style is a group of Centerline Style sponsored riders who are determined to bring brand awareness to Centerline Style as they have fun with their equine friends. The team is composed of riders from different riding levels with different personalities that, together, will form a group of positive, considerate people who are role models to their peers.

Here is what we will provide, and what we expect in exchange:


What Centerline Style will give

Products: Centerline Style will provide products which will be predefined, some of which can be freely chosen; some agreements will contain a set value for optional online purchases of at CenterlineStyle.com. Centerline Style has a large customer database and will use the profile riders from Team Centerline Style in various marketing efforts. This will give riders in Team Centerline Style valuable recognition. A detailed description will be in the agreement riders receive when they are signed up to Team Centerline Style. This is not a guarantee of what each rider will receive. Contracts may vary.


What Centerline Style expects in exchange

Social media is the main marketing outlet in which Centerline Style is active. Therefore, a big part of being a Team Centerline Style rider is to utilize social media in collaboration with us, in order to interact with our customers. We will use profile riders in Team Centerline Style to improve our products. We want feedback on all of the products provided under the agreement, and we will in some cases give profile riders products that are under development to test. Team Centerline Style profile riders should be available for vendors when invited to attend a variety of events should be willing to participate in photo shoots. These may be of you as a rider, of a horse or your location. Centerline Style will be permitted the use of Team Centerline Style riders’ publicly shared equestrian-related photographs to be shared via social media, email or through CenterlineStyle.com. 


Click here for our Team Rider Agreement.  Note that filling out the agreement without our acceptance to the team doesn't qualify you, but we applaud your enthusiasm!